Friday, April 11, 2008

Triple Header

This weekend, I'm heading into the second of my string of three races in three weeks. I did the Chesebro Half Marathon last weekend. It was a hard race. It was hard not so much because of the distance but the intensity. It usually takes two or three days for me to fully recover from a 50k. But, today is friday, and I'm just about recovered from Chesebro. Then, tomorrow, I'm running the Old Goats 50 Miler down in Blue Jay between San Juan Capistrano and lake Elsinore on Ortega Hwy. This race will have over 12,500 feet of climbing. Then the following Satruday, I'm running the Leona Divide 50 Miler in Lake Hughes - another tough race. How did I end up with a schedule like that? I though I was only going to do one race a month! A hard 1/2 marathon followed by two hilly 50 milers, am I crazy?

Well, I originally planned to do Leona Divide 50M for the month of April. Then, ATBers decided to all do Chesebro. I though, it is only a 1/2 marathon, what could it hurt. Plus, I love the camaraderie of the group. This was back in February. Then, my training was progressing well and I was getting leaner and felt much stronger. And recovery from the monthly 50k races were quick and I didn't feel that bad after them. I thought, I should really tweak up the training load and see how I respond. So I added another 50 mile race to the schedule, Old Goats. I'm the over-achieving type, never knowing when to say enough. Sometime it bites me back, but most of the time I survive. I love to push my limits; as I feel alive when I do that.

In the week leading up to Chesebro, I did 62 miles for that week. That was a moderate week for me. But, this week I will end up with 100 miles, and then will do another 100 mile week the following week, ending with Leona Divide. This ought to test my fitness. So far, I'm feeling good. After Chesebro, my left calf was very sore the day after; more so than all of my races recently. I think it was due to the intensity. But, I was still able to run. Right now, I feel good and ready for Old Goats.

I do cross train! I'm up to 1 hour and 15 minutes for my spin sessions on Monday through Friday, and I do core exercises three days of the week. I feel my nutritional regiment is going well. I'm gaining a new passion for foods that are good for you and tastes good. I think good nutrition has definitely contributed to my recent fitness and speed gains. The other day, I tested my resting heart rate just for fun. It read 39 bpm. Wow, that's really low. My heart is stronger now so it doesn't have to beat as fast to pump the same amount of blood. Recently, when I get out of bed or get up from a sitting position very quickly, I feel my vision blurring and a little light headed. That's because my heart beats so slowly at rest that it has to catch up when I stand and start moving. It is perfectly normal, I just have to remember to not get up too quickly.


Rocky Randall said...

not crazy, just addicted.

doc.harvey said...

Don't forget to mention that 3,800 feet of the 12,500 occurs in one climb..