Thursday, February 28, 2008

Making Progress...

My training is going great this week. Today is Thursday and I have already logged 64 miles since Monday. I'm on target to hit 115 miles this week. Recently, I have been trying very hard to go over 100 miles, but I have never been able to do so. This week, I've been doing two runs a day at 7-8 miles each, and have done three hill runs so far. And I feel great, not worn out or tired at all; and I'm going up those hills fast. Friday will be my easy runs, and then Saturday and Sunday will be long runs. Needless to say, I can feel that a breakthrough is coming, and I'm very pleased. But, inquisitive as I am, I'm asking myself, "what's making the difference?".

It could be that last week was a very low mileage week and that I'm well rested. But, I have had rest weeks before, and I still get tired later in the week during a heavy training week like this. It could be that my higher power-to-weight ratio is making running easier. Yes, this could be it; but I have kept my perceived exertion the same. And, I'm also doing more hills than before. Or, it could be that my new nutrition plan is making a difference. I think this is it. I'm recovering faster, I don't feel as tired from run to run. The cumulative effects of fatigue has been lessened. 

It has been three weeks since I started this new food regiment. Each day I determine specifically what I will be eating for each meal. The meals are designed to meet all the mineral requirements and provide enough proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in the proper ratio. The timing of the meals also coincides with when I do my workouts. So far, I have been satisfied and have no hunger or cravings at any time. I eat a very light meal 30 minutes before exercise and then eat again within 15 minutes after exercise with a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. I'm also diligently replacing lost minerals during exercise and hydrating better. 

Proper nutrition does not make you run faster. To run faster, you have to train faster. Proper nutrition allows you to recover better so that you can train faster and longer; and that makes you run faster.


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