Monday, October 01, 2007

St. George Marathon Prep.

I will be going to St. George, Utah for the marathon this coming weekend.  This should be a little fun run. I have not done much speed work lately and don't know what kind of times I can run, but I will just see what pace I can settle in at. 

Since AC 100, I have been nursing a tendonitis on the top of my right foot. My legs were ready to resume training about two or three days after AC, but my foot has been keeping me out of action.  I'm not injury prone, in fact, I almost never get injured from running.  But, I've never done a race like the AC 100 either. I think my foot swelled and my shoes became too tight and constricted the toes. The pressure transferred up the foot and caused the problem. I'm no sports medicine doctor, it is just what I think happened. I've only been able to run a few times in the past two weeks. The few run I did get to do were about 5 miles at 7:30 pace. I hope that's good enough for a 3:30 to re-qualify for Boston.

It should be a fun time, as me and most of my running friends from So. Cal. will be making the journey together.

In case you didn't know, the St. George course is almost all downhill. I'm a fairly good downhill runner, so hopefully that will help my time.