Saturday, March 10, 2007

Birthday Run - Run Your Age in Miles

It seemed fun to celebrate my 46th birthday with a 46 mile run with all my friends. So, I did it.

I had just ran the LA Marathon. It was Monday morning, and my birthday was coming up on Friday. I was thinking of a way to celebrate, and the idea just popped into my head.

Since I was turning 46, I was going to run 46 miles. But I wanted to have all my friends run with me. So, I decided on a looped course, so different people can join me on every lap. The road around the Rose Bowl was the place where we often trained, so that was the natural choice. The loop is 3.1 miles, that meant I was going to run 15 laps.

So, on the Saturday morning after the LA Marathon, at 4:00 am I started the Birthday Run. The first two laps I ran alone since no one was crazy enough to wake up and run at 4:00 am on Saturday morning. Then, all the remaining laps I had two or more people with me. I had an aid station set up on the course so I was getting nutrition and water on every lap. The first 8 laps were easy and I was feeling great. I started walking a little for laps 9 thru 11, then the laps just felt like it took forever. I was saying crazy things like, "who stretched the Rose Bowl?" I kept going because my friends were there with me. They kept talking to me to keep my mind fresh. Even if I didn't talk back to them much, I was very much energized by them. Then for the last two laps, I got a fresh dose of adrenalin, and even had a finish line sprint.

The after-run BBQ party was at my house, we had great fun.